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This repair is for your Digitizer iPad or LCD iPhone only, which is also commonly known as screen or glass repair and will repair broken glass and touch function on the iPad. If you have problems with the LCD (screen ipad) or any other hardware such as power button, charging port, start button, headphone jack or other problem, these are **separate repairs**. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you an estimate on all further repairs.

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Cell Phone Screen Repair Houston Tx Laptop Ipad 2 3 4 Cell Phone Repair iPhone Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 S6 Cheap iPhone 4s 5s 6 6plus Glass Repair 281.701.2651 !

Screen Repair Houston Call Today! 281.701.2651 Screen Laptop Hp Toshiba Dell Acer Gateway Ipad screen repair 2 3 4 and we will fix it for you! Cell Phone Repair Houston samsung galaxy 4s 5s 6s iphone 4 5 6 lg same days free estimates We specialize in LCD for your business or personal laptops. Screen Repair Houston Save time and money by having to repair your laptop LCD screen. We will replace your laptop LCD screen with same day quick service and quality. Save yourself the hassle of computer repair shops or buying a new laptop. If you currently have a broken or cracked LCD laptop screen is not a scam for prices is real, bring your laptop to us. Cell Phone Repair Houston

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We will match the prices of competitors, call for details. Free diagnosis and estimate / price includes labor and parts. Cell Phone Repair Houston Screen Repair Houston Call for pricing and more details. iPhone Screen Repair Houston Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair Houston Lg Screen Repair Houston iPad Screen Repair Houston Laptop Screen Repair Houston Cheap Cell Phone Repair Houston Cracked Laptop Screen Repair Houston Tablet Screen Repair Houston When a laptop LCD screen must be repaired or replaced. • Cracked LCD screen. • Problems backlight. • Dead pixels. • Lines in the screen. • Liquid Damage or impact. También reparación / sustitución pantallas para todos los modelos y marcas de laptop lcd incluyendo Apple Mac , IBM  Acer  Apple  Averatec  Compaq  Dell  eMachines   Fujitsu  Gateway  HP   Compaq  IBM  Lenovo  NEC  Panasonic  Sharp  Sony  Toshiba. 

Damos servicio en las siguientes áreas geográficas: City of Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita,  Bellaire, North Houston, Aldine.

Screen Repair Houston

Call or text 281.701.2651 for more information about our laptop repair services or make an appointment now! For more information, contact the email address below.

Screen Repair Houston

What We Do Laptop LCD Screen Repair / If your Laptop LCD screen is cracked, broken or otherwise damaged, it may be recommended that the screen be replaced. Our experts Laptop LCD screen repair can cost you find an effective replacement, including installation. Screen Repair Houston 8.9 “to 10.1” Screen Laptop Repair up to $ 87 * 11 “to 12” laptop screen repair at $ 107 * 13.3 “to 15.6” Screen Laptop Repair dollars to 117 * 17 “laptop screen repair at $ 147.97 * Zipcodes: 77002, 77003, 77004, 77005, 77006, 77007, 77008, 77009, 77010, 77011, 77012, 77013, 77014, 77015, 77016, 77017, 77018, 77019, 77020, 77021, 77022, 77023, 77024, 77025, 77026, 77027, 77028, 77029, 77030, 77031, 77032, 77033, 77034, 77035, 77036, 77037, 77038, 77039, 77040, 77041, 77042,77043, 77044, 77045, 77046, 77047, 77048, 77049, 77050, 77051, 77053, 77054, 77055, 77056, 77057, 77058, 77059, 77060, 77061, 77062, 77063, 77064, 77065, 77066, 77067, 77068, 77069, 77070, 77071, 77072, 77073, 77074, 77075, 77076, 77077, 77078, 77079, 77080, 77081, 77082, 77083, 77084, 77085,77086, 77087, 77088, 77089, 77090, 77091, 77092, 77093, 77094, 77095, 77096, 77098, 77099, 77201, 77336, 77338, 77339, 77345, 77346, 77357, 77365, 77373, 77375, 77377, 77379, 77386, 77388, 77396, 77401, 77406, 77407, 77429, 77433, 77447, 77449, 77450, 77477, 77478, 77484, 77489, 77493, 77494, 77498, 77503, 77504, 77506, 77520, 77530, 77532, 77536, 77546, 77547, 77571, 77587, 77598.

*Dependiento del modelo y pixel de su Laptop. Screen Repair Houston  

  • All prices are subject to change without notice. / Todos los precios están sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso.


  • All prices are subject to change without notice. / Todos los precios están sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso. prices plus tax 8.25%
  • NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES. ALL SALES ARE FINAL Warranty: Only 7 days LCD Screen defect manufacturing, does no cover damage. (with proof of purchase)
  • Mario’s Computer Repair/Sporade/ u other associates cannot always identify hidden issues inside your electronic equipment. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for devices that are no longer operational after we attempt repair.
  • No agent, employee, dealer, representative or reseller is authorized to modify these Terms and Conditions, to extend the Limited Warranty above or to make binding representations or claims, whether in advertising, presentations or otherwise.
  • We are not responsible for data that is lost after the repair of the device or transfer of data to another device, memory, phone, etc. or due to H20 damage, physical damage or pre-existing software problems. The customer is responsible for making a backup of their device information before starting the repair.
  • NO DEVOLUCIONES / CAMBIOS. TODAS LAS VENTAS SON FINALES Garantía: solo 7 días POR  defectos de fabricación en la pantalla LCD, no cubre daños. (solo con prueba de compra)
  • Mario’s Computer Repair / Sporade / / u otros asociados no siempre pueden identificar problemas ocultos dentro de su equipo electrónico. Por lo tanto, no nos hacemos responsables de los dispositivos que ya no están operativos después de que intentamos repararlos.
  • Ningún agente, empleado, distribuidor, representante o revendedor está autorizado a modificar estos Términos y condiciones, a extender la Garantía limitada anterior oa realizar representaciones o reclamaciones vinculantes, ya sea en publicidad, presentaciones o de otro modo.
  • No somos responsables de los datos que se pierden después de la reparación del dispositivo o la transferencia de datos a otro dispositivo, memoria, teléfono, etc. o debido a daños de H20, daños físicos o problemas de software preexistentes. El cliente es responsable de hacer una copia de seguridad de la información de su dispositivo antes de comenzar la reparación.