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HIGH QUALITY SCREEN and Reasonable Price in Town.

IPHONE FIX IN 15 MINUTES most models.

FREE External disinfection of your iPhone while we repair it.

Save money and repair your iPhone fewer times with premium screens


Partes de Calidad hacen que tu Phone dure mas tiempo.


What do you need to repair?

Screen Replacement iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XR, 11

Walk-in 3403 Orlando St Houston 77093, Fix iPhone Screen in 15 Minutes, We install Standard and Premium Screen. Reparamos IPHONES.

Cell Phone Repair

Make an appointment you phone es Samsung – LG u other brands regularly we repair these phones the next day.

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

We repair in 4 hours or less Laptop Pc Desktop problem the software or windows Get Free Estimate Walk-in 3403 Orlando St. Houston 77093 

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Premium screen outperforms all other standard displays in color and durability, our phone repair service a fast and professional service.

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Professional Services Computer

If you need your Computer repair the same day we will be waiting for you at the store at 3403 Orlando St Houston 77093

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Screen Replacement iPhone – Samsung – LG – Laptop – Computer – Desktop Clean Virus – Issues Internet – Slow Computer

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25 years of experience. One Mission.

it fixes Windows-based Laptop and Desktop Computers with multiple issues, including cracked screens, hardware errors, viruses,




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CELL PHONE REPAIR  Near Houston, Aldine, Humble, Spring, Porter, Atascocita.



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What can we
Fix and Repair for you?

What’s wrong with your iPhone?

 √ Broken Screen

√  Not Charging

√  Battery Issues

√  Water Damage

√  Brokan Back Glass

√  Other



√ T-mobile

√ Att

√ Verizon

√ Sprint

√ Metro Pcs

√ Boost Mobile

√ Cricket Mobile

√ iPhone 

√ Samsung

√ Motorola

√ LG

√ One Plus

√ Android

√ Google

We realize how baffling could be to see your cherished PHONE harmed, however, relax, we are hanging around for technicians you. We have the best professionals available to fix it, offering you the best quality on fixes. At MCR Repair, we can fix your Phone and cause it to look and feel like new.

Cell Phone Repair Houston, Need Quick Help? Call ☎️ 832-304-1120 We Repair Services iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, One Plus, Google Pixel, Cheap Fix Phone Metro Pcs – Simple Mobile – Tmobile – Cricket – Boost Mobile – Sprint – Att – Verizon, Free Estimate Screen Repair, Store 3403 Orlando St. Houston Tx 77093. Service North Houston

Cell Phone Repair 77016

Houston Featured All phones, no matter what brand, are really only two problems: physical damage and damage caused by water. Mario’s Phone Repair, specializes, with an experienced technical certification on cell phones, to diagnose what the problem must be fixed. Other centers of MCR Houston parts are ordered as needed, so you may take several weeks to receive them.








We solve the problem on Repair Screen iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XR, 11, 12, 13

As experienced technicians, we are also certified to work directly on your dashboard and replace the charging ports, jacks for headphones, microphones, and SIM card readers on all makes and models. Let trained professionals in Mario’s Cell Phone Repair work on your phone!

Walk-in Fix Mario’s Cell Phone Repair Houston resolve problems same day Screen Repair Samsung, Lg, Motorola, Google Pixel.

Cracked screen The LCD lights do not work Not read the SIM card Reset Repair microphone or headset No charge It does not turn on Connecting the headset Camera Damages caused by water Replacing the trackball/trackpad Keyboard Problems Repair vibrator/ring Physical damage He dropped his phone

Its screen is broken. The phone does not a burden. It turns off when you click on an application. The camera does not work. Some functions still work, but the glass will damage the ear. Physical damage goes beyond simply making certain parts are not working. Know that phones are small appliances really are like a small computer that can leave small components to connect to your dashboard if your phone suffers physical damage. You need an experienced technician cell phone to determine how to repair your phone. Come to Mario’s Phone Repair and let our experienced certified technicians diagnose and repair the physical damage to your phone.


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