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Fix iPhone Screen Near Me Cheap: A Comprehensive Guide in Three Simple Steps

Looking to fix your cracked iPhone screen? Discover a detailed guide with three easy steps to repair any iPhone screen yourself. Get professional advice, tools, and links to purchase the necessary components. Get MCRFix® for more tech reviews and tutorials.

Do you find yourself staring at your cracked iPhone screen, contemplating a DIY fix? You might be wondering, “How hard can it be?” In this informative article, we’ll delve into the main three steps to fix any iPhone screen, empowering you to take matters into your own hands.

Before we proceed, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mario, your go-to tech expert from MCRFix®. On this blog, I provide in-depth tech reviews and tutorials. If you’re new here. Let’s dive right in!

Whether you’ve just cracked your iPhone or have an old one with a shattered screen lying around, untouched, we’ve got you covered. Our guide will equip you with the knowledge to fix any iPhone screen in just three simple steps. Although I’ll be using an iPhone 11 for demonstration purposes, the process is quite similar across different iPhone models, with minor differences. Let’s proceed.

DIY Fix iPhone Screen Near Me Cheap


Step 1: Open Up iPhone

Here’s where the magic begins. You’ll need the new OLED screen specifically designed for your iPhone model, along with the correct repair tools. In the video description, you’ll find links to purchase these items. Let’s get started.

To open your iPhone, use a special pentalobe screwdriver to remove the two pentalobe screws located at the bottom of the device.

Next, gently pry the screen upwards using a thin and sturdy metal prying tool. It’s crucial to use metal for added durability and a thin tool to fit perfectly between the plastic frame and the metal housing of your iPhone.
Once you’ve wedged the tool in, lift it up slightly, and then move it from side to side, carefully separating the screen assembly from the phone’s metal housing. Be cautious not to apply excessive force to avoid damaging internal components.
For iPhones opening upwards, such as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s, lift the screen from the bottom up. For iPhones from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 11, open it to the right. The new iPhone 12s open to the left. Remember this crucial detail when working with your iPhone. More about MCRFix here

Step 2: Remove the Screen

Now that you’ve successfully opened up your iPhone, it’s time to remove the screen assembly from the device. Here’s how:

Disconnect the cables that connect the screen assembly to the motherboard. This requires removing a few tri-tip screws, which can be easily accomplished with the right screwdriver.
Keep the screws organized to avoid confusion later on. Place them in order to ensure seamless reassembly.
Remove the bracket that holds down the flex cables connecting the screen assembly to the motherboard. Carefully pull it up with your fingers.

Disconnect the battery by removing the appropriate flex cable. This step is vital to prevent any electrical flow during the repair process, safeguarding the integrity of your iPhone.
Disconnect the remaining screen assembly cables, usually two cables for the touchscreen and OLED panel, and one cable for the ear speaker assembly.
Gently remove the screen assembly from the device.

Step 3: Remove Small Parts

Now that the screen is off, it’s time to transfer the small parts from the old, broken screen to.
the new replacement screen. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition:

Begin by removing the front-facing camera and sensor assembly from the old screen. It is usually held in place by a small bracket or adhesive. Carefully detach it and transfer it to the corresponding location on the new screen.

If your iPhone has a home button, you’ll need to transfer it to the new screen as well. Remove the home button assembly from the old screen, making sure to handle it with care. Place it in the designated spot on the replacement screen.

Check if your iPhone model requires the transfer of other components such as the earpiece speaker, front microphone, or proximity sensor. These components may vary depending on the iPhone version. Carefully remove them from the old screen and install them in their respective positions on the new screen.

Take a moment to clean the frame and remove any adhesive residue left behind from the previous screen. A microfiber cloth and some isopropyl alcohol can help in this process.

Now, it’s time to connect the new screen assembly to the iPhone motherboard. Begin by reconnecting the cables in the reverse order of how you disconnected them. Start with the touchscreen and OLED panel cables, followed by the ear speaker assembly cable, and finally the battery cable. Make sure they are securely connected.

Place the bracket back over the flex cables and secure it with the appropriate screws. Double-check that all the screws are tightened properly but avoid overtightening to prevent damage.

Carefully align the screen assembly with the frame of your iPhone. Gently press it down until it sits flush and aligns perfectly with the edges of the device.

Lastly, insert the pentalobe screws back into the bottom of the iPhone using the pentalobe screwdriver. Make sure they are snug but not overly tight.


You have successfully fixed your iPhone screen. Power on your device and test the screen functionality to ensure everything is working correctly. If you encounter any issues, double-check the connections and make sure all components are securely in place.

Remember, repairing your iPhone screen yourself can be a cost-effective solution, but it requires patience, attention to detail, and the right tools. If you’re uncomfortable performing the repair yourself or encounter any difficulties along the way, it’s always advisable to seek professional assistance from an authorized Apple service provider or a reputable repair shop.

That wraps up our comprehensive guide on fixing iPhone screens. I hope you found this information helpful. MCRFix® for more DIY guides.

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